Payment methods


You can use one of the following types of payment: Paypal, Amazon Pay, Satispay, Bank transfer or cash on delivery:


Paypal:It is an eBay group company and is a quick and safe payment system. Once this payment method is selected and by clicking on "Order confirmation" you will be directed to the PayPal website where you can choose between:

- Make the payment with your PAYPAL personal account - (the amount of the order will be charged to you on the PayPal account at the time of completing the transaction).

- Pay with any credit card /prepaid Visa, Visa Electron, Postepay, Paypal, Mastercard card (even if you don't have a paypal account).


Amazon Pay:You can use the information already stored in your Amazon account to make the payment. Amazon Pay is a service offered for Amazon customers who simplifies the procedure for purchasing products and services. In this way customers can pay quickly, without the need to enter the credit card data, connecting directly to their Amazon account.


Satispay: sAnd you have a Satispay account you can pay very quickly in a few simple passing by passing the smartphone payment. Choose the Satispay payment method and proceed by clicking "order confirmation".


    Mark: To pay in cash at the time of the delivery of your order, select the cash on delivery. For this payment method, you will be requested an additional contribution of € 4.90.


    Bank transfer: A bank transfer is the transfer of money from one bank account to another, without any cash management. It is carried out electronically between two bank accounts, which are not necessarily detained in the same branch, in the same bank or in the same country. After the purchase if you have selected this payment method we will provide you with our bank details.


    * If you need theelectronic invoice, after placing the order, contact us at the email sending us all the data relating to billing. After the shipment we will no longer be possible to issue an invoice. It should be noted that the invoices always report the euro as it assesses.