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Vapo no gas deodorant with a delicate action.
It protects and moisturizes the skin without interfering with natural skin perspiration, acting on the external mechanisms of sweating responsible for the production of bad smells.
Also ideal for sensitive and intolerant skins, it is formulated without alcohol and anti -training aluminum salts.
The anti-odor action is guaranteed by an innovative assets, consisting of branched polysaccharides capable of forming a carbohydrate film that makes it difficult to join the bacteria on the skin surface. In this way the number of bacteria is reduced, which metabolizing the components of the sebum and sweat are responsible for the formation of the bad smell.
In addition to the reduction of adapted bacteria, there is an adsorbent component, which promotes control of smells. This assets contains a series of enzymes that act on the birds with low molecular weight produced by bacteria, converting them permanently into their corresponding salts, with high molecular weight, which do not penetrate the skin and are without smell. In this way there is a reduction of body smell without compromising the balance of the bacterial resident flora.
In support of the deodorant action there is the Trieste, enzymatic inhibitor that is linked by bacteria with a greater affinity than the natural sebum. When it is attacked by enzymes, the hydrolysis of the free citric acid Trieste, which lowers the local pH and limits the formation of foul -smelling fatty acids, and ethyl alcohol that performs a bacteriostatic action.
The presence of the extracts of Lonicera Japonica and Caprifoliium in addition to supporting bacteriostatic action favors a soothing effect on the skin, reducing surface irritation phenomena.
Finally, the presence of substances such as Betaine and Zinc-PCA, the physiological component of the NMF, restores the correct skin hydration, contributing to the physiological composition of the hydrolipidic film.

Methods of use
Use according to need.

Teflose, Active Adsorbent, Trieste; Japanese Caprifoglio: Lonicera Caprifoliium And Lonicera Japonica; Betaine, zinc-pca.
Without alcohol or aluminum salts.

External use.
Avoid any contact with eyes.
Keep out of reach of children.
Do not apply on injured or irritated skin.
Leave to dry.

Store in a cool and dry place, at room temperature.

100 ml vaporizer bottle
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Lilliana Moldoveanu8 luglio 2020

Sono molto gentili,pazienti e disponibili!! Grazie😊

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Sono molto gentili,pazienti e disponibili!! Grazie😊

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